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After three months among the missing, Steve Rogers is back! But he may regret it when he meets the ecological terrorist Brother Nature! What will Steve do now that he's no longer Captain America? Will his friends, the Falcon, Nomad, and D-Man be able to help him?

While Walker, the new Captain America, is out making a media splash, the real Cap finds himself in a small bar in the middle of nowhere. He witnesses a gang of lumberjacks form in hopes of overpowering the forest rangers. Steve stops this riot before it starts and heads back out reflecting on the events that put him in the situation. Meanwhile, Steve's former partners all gather to discuss his disappearance. Nomad gives D-Man a cold should because he is the newest sidekick. The gang agrees that he has been gone for too long and they set out to find him. Meanwhile, Steve witnesses an earthquake that consumes his can. He manages to grab the motorcycle from the back and escape the fissure created. When he gets to the top he meets Brother Nature, a nature activist with powers over the forces. He witnesses the extent of his powers and hears his story of how he came to be how he is. The story strikes a chord with Steve because it parallels his so well. Brother Nature injures himself, but Steve still helps him until Brother Nature sees the damages their tussle caused and he blames Steve.

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