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The flag-flying Super Patriot returns! Can even Captain America stop the Super Patriot's maniacal manipulation of the American Dream at a benefit rock concert?

The Bold Urban Commandos attack foreign exchange students at the University of Wisconsin; Super-Patriot later congratulates them for threatening "terrorists." Steve comes to town to visit Bernie and investigate the Commandos' activities. Captain America tries to investigate the attacks but the police won't cooperate with him and, disturbingly, some students agree with the Commandos and think Cap endorses them. The next day, Steve and Bernie attend the AmericAid '86 concert where Super-Patriot is making an appearance alongside various popular music acts. Cap confronts Super-Patriot backstage and threatens to expose Super-Patriot's ties to the Commandos. Suoer-patriot attacks Cap to see who's better. Their battle lasts twenty-seven minutes, but despite Cap's best effort, the fight ends in a draw. Steve meets up with Bernie afterward, upset that he couldn't best Super-Patriot. In washington, a bureaucrat investigates Steve's million dollar tex return and deduces that he is Captain America.

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