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The Falcon and Black Widow hunt together! Can they save the Winter Soldier from becoming a tool of the Red Skull again? And if they do, will he just go kill Tony Stark? And what of Agent 13, Sharon Carter, who shot the final bullets into her true love, Steve Rogers, and has seen her life fall apart since then? Those answers, much action, and more! From the Eisner Award-Winning Best Writer Ed Brubaker and Fan-Favorite Artist Steve Epting, who brought you the biggest selling comic of the year!

Bucky uses the gun Faustus gave him on him instead of Sharon. It had blanks. Bucky said he figured as much but he had a shot at his "fat head" and didn't want to waste it. Faustus has him taken to his cell as Sharon keeps fighting herself in her mind.

In an alley, Redwing "tells" Falcon and Black Widow that Sharon escaped through a manhole into the sewers. Black Widow doesn't want to go down into the yuck. They find a lazer-gridded doorway. Widow breaks the "lock" and they enter.

On the S.H.I.E.L.D. hellicarrier, Tony Stark gets word about the pregnancy test found in Sharon's apartment. The results have been triple checked and only her finger prints were on it. Stark orders all results to be deleted from their system. No one is to know about this.

Red Skull tells Faustus that if the Winter Soldier can't be turned, he should be killed. Faustus is then told that someone has entered their location.

Falcon and the Black Widow find R.A.I.D. agents inside the tunnel. They know that the Red Skull must be behind this and possible nearby. Winter Soldier has been bound in an adamantium mesh and is lying in his cell. An alarm goes off as the fight gets nearer his cell. Faustus orders an evacuation and destruction of all records. When some guards come to take Bucky, he takes them both out, even though he's still bound. Faustus is about to board his escape craft when he finds out the Winter Soldier escaped. He orders Sharon to get him. She fights herself when Bucky comes up to her. He tries to reassure her that they're going to get out. She responds by zapping him with her gun.

The ship is loaded and they take off. Falcon follows. They don't have any weapon and no way to shake him off. Sharon knows what to do and her mind is trying to stop her. She opens the bay door and kicks Bucky out, despite Faustus' orders to stop. Falcon sees this and dives to try to catch him. They smash through a skylight in a building and land roughly. Faustus isn't too happy. Sharon says he was going to kill him anyways and her idea managed to get Falcon off their tail.

Black Widow finds Falcon and Winter Soldier. They both okay. Her backup arrived just in time to arrest an unconscious Winter Soldier.

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