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CIVIL WAR tie-in! In the midst of the Civil War, Cap faces his worst fears, as friends desert his cause, and comrades in arms lie dead or wounded. And among all this, the Red Skull begins to make his moves, with a few startling comrades of his own this time. This stunning conclusion of DRUMS OF WAR sets the stage for the next year of Captain America stories that will have everyone talking!

We open with Agent 13 being told she is now on a task force assigned to hunt down Nick Fury. When she goes to her quarters, she is surprised by the newly reworked Fury L.M.D. who is sweeping Sharons's place for "bugs" and finds none. Sharon get's her i.d. confirmed by the L.M.D. and proceeds to tell"it" what she has just been assigned to do. Fury tells her not to worry and that he has his arms around this thing. ("thing" being the L.M.D.) Next,Cap infiltrates a Hydra base and in a VERY classy homage to Jim Steranko, he fights the hoards of Hydra!! After the battle, Cap is next confronted witha cape killer squad. Just as he is about to fight them they are all taken out...internally! We see Agent 13, in her flying car, telling Cap to get in and be quick about it ! She tells Cap that Fury has figured out how to scramble the suits electromagnetically, but that Tony Stark will probably ensure that does'nt happen again. ( Stark designed the suits)As the car lands, and the conversation wraps up, we close with the Red Skull talking in a lab to a much hidden figure. The next page reveals to us just who this mystery figure is. Arnim Zola !! another enemy from Cap's past !!!!

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