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The TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY BLITZ rockets to its conclusion, as Captain America and the man he once called his partner, The Winter Soldier, finally come face-to-face again in the fight to save London!

With the newly awakened Sleeper wreaking its brand of havok on London,Cap and the Winter Soldier try to stop it. Agent 13, while flying in a S.H.I.E.L.D. car,deliberately hits the floating Master Man causing her to crash into a building and end up right at the feet of Sin, and Crossbones! Cap and the Winter Soldier continue fighting the Sleeper as they try and lead it away from the city. Spitfire and Union Jack battle it out with Master Man as an injured Agent 13 has her hands full with Sin and Crossbones. Cap and W.S. defeat the Sleeper, with an assist from U.J. and Spitfire, and then W.S. takes off...again! Steve and Sharon(who has been mysteriously let go......) leave England,as we see the Winter Soldier call in to Nick Fury to say hes coming in, and will need a new arm...having lost his robotic appendage defeating the Sleeper! We close with Lukin/Skull, Sin, and Crossbones in the same room, now joined !!

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