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The startling new Cap arc, "Twenty-First Century BLITZ" continues its roller coaster ride through the streets of swinging London, as the acclaimed creative team of Brubaker and Epting turn the action way up! Cap and Union Jack have stumbled onto a new enemy that turns out to be tougher than expected, while Spitfire tries to find out what the Kronas Corp. is constructing under the city... and while all this goes on, the Winter Soldier stalks his prey!

We open with Lukin/Red Skull conversing with himself, as he has been doing of late, and presses a remote activated countdown switch for a bomb on board the freighter that Cap and Union Jack are now on and in a fight with enemy agents, and a NEW Master Man!!As this bomb counts down Cap and Union Jack are yanked off the freighter by Spitfire, and it blows! While in the water the 3 heroes see Master Man escape during the blast. Bucky,in his hotel room cleaning his weapons, sees the news coverage on t.v. Sharon/Agent 13 gets Cap and U.J. clearance to operate from the British Secret Service, and while Union Jack and Sharon Carter investigate Kronas Industry, Cap and Spitfire follow the trail of the Winter Soldier. At issues end we see Master Man angrily speaking with the Red Skull, showing the Skull his burned and scarred face from the explosion. The buildup continues......

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