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It was Wizard's book of the year for 2005, and now, fan-favorite artist Steve Epting rejoins Top Ten writer Ed Brubaker for a groundbreaking 4 part tale! It's the start of an action-packed thriller in London, as Captain America travels across the Atlantic in search of his old partner, a story that will see him fighting side-by-side with some very old friends. But Cap and the Winter Soldier aren't the only ones taking the journey abroad, Crossbones and Sin are on a path of revenge that's leading them in the exact same direction... And what of General Lukin and his "relationship" with the Red Skull? All this and more in the first chapter of "Twenty-First Century Blitz!"

Cap goes to England where he thinks the Winter Soldier will try to murder Aleksander Lukin. Steve and Sharon arrive and hook up with Joe and Jackie, who happen to be Union Jack and Spitfire, albeit new incarnations of these British Heroes. After catching up in Jackies London apartment, we see that Bucky (Winter Soldier) is indeed in England as he stops a purse snatcher right there in the street. This is another sign that he really is "good". The next day Cap and Union Jack, along with Spitfire are "skulking" at the docks where crates with the Kronas corp. logo have been loaded and off-loaded. They end up aboard a docked freighter and are found out. A fight ensues and at issues end we come face to face with...............Master Man !!

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dmstarz's favourite marvel comic cover no142 0

I mentioned before that Epting's cover imagery often contains a proliferation of different things going on (a little like some Steranko) and I don't usually dig those covers. When he keeps it simple, however, he can be stunning. This is a brilliant use of iconic imagery. We have Cap looking strong and statuesque, the embodiment of bravery, backed up by, of all things, London's famous landmark, Big Ben and the Union Jack. Often portraits like this of Cap are up against American iconography. Why? ...

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