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Don't call me nuke?

I've said this before, and I'll say it as many times as I have to, Rick Remender is not fit to write established characters, not at Marvel, nor at DC. Why? Because as I've probably mentioned countless times in my reviews and on many different discussion threads, Rick has a bad habit which he for some reason cannot get rid off. I've been patient with this series, sometimes it's good, sometimes it just flat out pisses me off.

When I started reading the issue it was well and good, I though the characters were written well and I thought the story was interesting, but then Rick Remender, goes with his usual routine and kills of Nuke, just like that, after he gave him a sympathetic cool story( which turned out to be completely out of character and flat out disrespectful to continuity, but we'll get to that Later). I'm tired of this, I'm tired of Remender killing characters off as if they were props. This is the second time Remender has done this in 15 issues, and trust me when I say that he's not done yet. This is why I think that Rick is not fit to write established characters, because he kills them off pretty easily. If he was the one who had created these characters in the first place then i'd be fine with it, but he didn't create them, yet he alters and molds these characters any way he likes. I get that writers CAN essentially change the personality of established protagonists, but if it doesn't make sense and is not well executed then it's bad writing, simple as that. Which Brings me to my next point, when I read Nukes characterization, I enjoyed it a lot, but then I recalled a couple of scans I've seen online and Remenders Nuke did not fit with what I had remembered. So I decided to look into nuke more thoroughly, and I came across this:, And it turns out that Nuke was severely altered AND out of character. For one thing the Red Pills that enhanced him usually do nothing, it's just a mental effect, and furthermore, Remenders story implies that Nuke became what he is today when the Weapon Plus program got a hold of him, expect....Nuke was a crazy kid way before that even happened, considering he killed his own Mother. Nevertheless, you have to understand that I don't mind changes, they can be good, but in this case it was not only bad but very, very disrespectful to Nukes character and Captain Americas continuity in general. If Rememnder wanted to change things up he should have made a much more organic transition, but his whole redemption scene was just so to make the reader feel sorry for him and then blown him to Kingdom come.

On a more positive note, I enjoyed Iron Nail a lot, I find him to be not only a cool villain but also a powerful one. His powers to me personally are very interesting. I think cap will have to get really creative to beat him. Moreover, I was slightly skeptical about Dr. Mindbubble but I have to say that he at the very least seems interesting to look into. Sadly these are the only positive aspects of the story. The art was as always good and consistent, hope the artist sticks around for a long time.

Overall, this was pretty disappointing in all honest, I was hoping that things would go uphill from the last issue but sadly the exact opposite happens.

Recommendation: No.

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