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Fan-favorite creators Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting bring the most talked-about Captain America story in 40 years to a heartbreaking conclusion. Cap faces down his personal demons, in a hand-to-hand battle with the Winter Soldier. But he's not just fighting for victory, he's in a struggle for the heart and soul of everything he's ever cared about, and the results will send tragic echoes throughout his life for years to come!

The Winter Soldier has just taken a clear shot at the Falcon! And he has missed! Redwing, Falcon's trained falcon, has alerted the super quick Falcon in time.Cap attacks the Winter Soldier be throwing his shield and shattering Winter Soldier's gun. Cap chases him into the fallout shelter while Falcon tosses the team of baddies around outside. Cap and the Winter Soldier confront each other in this bunker and fight.The Winter Soldier still has the cosmic cube in a satchel with him. The fight is intense, Winter Soldier is intent on killing Cap, but Cap is trying hard to get remember who he was/is. (Bucky) When Cap tells W.S. to go ahead and shoot, we think he wont.....but he does! Cap dodges it !!! As he does he tosses his shield and severs the strap on the satchel carried by W.S. As W.S. is wondering out loud how Cap dodged his shot, Cap has picked up the cube! He holds it up and says, "Remember who you are." A beautiful 2 page sepia-toned flashback ensues.And now Bucky remembers who he was/ is.He grabs the cube in his robotic left arm and crushes it against the better judgement of Cap , Falcon and Agent 13 (Sharon Carter)who have now joined Cap.And just like that Bucky is gone.......but he has only left quickly. He ends up at a deserted Camp Lehigh. There is a small flashback and we close with W.S./Bucky sitting on the ground, head in hands,...........remembering.........

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