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Captain America now has the device to control the fourth Sleeper robot, but the Red Skull has dispatched his minions to ensure the Sentinel of Liberty never has the chance to use it!

As Nick Fury enters Steve Rogers hospital room, we learn that the Coast Guard has fished Cap out of the water, but failed to find the Red Skull or the Sleeper.The Skull is aboard one of his own crafts, and is now speeding towards his hidden isle! Cap leaves the Naval Hospital, and runs right into an attack! He fights the attackers down, and with the help of Fury and Agent 13, gets moving to find the Sleeper.The Sleeper destroys an industrial complex and gets away. Cap and Agent 13 jet to the area and are attacked by the Red Skull's hover squad. They battle these goons into submission, and parachute to the face the Sleeper! Cap fights this thing and Agent 13 uses the key to shut it down. The Skull has watched this from a remote area with his band of Exiles. He has learned of Cap's Achilles heel......Agent 13/Sharon Carter!

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