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Captain Action is a bit out of focus...

I have to give an honest review of this comic although I received it essentially for free when I recently ordered some Moonstone Books.  The main story involves Captain Action JR., and a former teammate, Flashpoint ( Moonstone's take on the Public Domain character Captain Flash)  who is infected by the "Red Crawl" and supposedly, so is the rest of the world.  Little info is given how this came about, how it affects normal people.  All that is really covered is that this red crawl virus has negative effects on the super powered heroes, by causing them to hear "voices" and makes them attack people.   
Too many convenient instances in the story, and the blatant acceptance of the murderous rampage that the character Flashpoint causes really detracts from what could have been a better story.    
Add to this the art in the main story is not very well rendered.  I don't know what it is, it seems like the inking and the facial expressions, perspective, and a lot of other things were just done sort of half-ass to me.  Looks a bit sloppy quite honestly.   
However, despite all this, the premise is good and the ability Captain Action has to mimic other heroes is a good one.  In a different twist, Captain Action Jr. works with his Dad, the original Captain Action.  
There are two additional stories in the comic, one involving Lady Action, and one involving Khem.   The Lady Action story uses good girl art, is definitely nicely done and the story is a breezy fun filled one which I thought was good.  My minor complaint is that the art didn't have enough good girl scenes.  
The last story doesn't make sense, as I don't who or what Khem is.  All I know is that there is a black panther which inexplicably attacks some bad guys with guns in the jungle.  I assume the female character at the end of the story controls the black panther.  A bit forgettable.  
Overall, the art and the main story didn't quite mesh well, but I am interested in the characters, though, which isn't a bad thing for a comic based on an old action figure.
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