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Capris Castiglione (Estacado) is the twin sister of  Jackie Estacado.  Fearing for her child, Capris' mother gave her to Father Brendan, in hopes that he could find a way to save her from darkness that would take Jackie upon his 21st birthday.  As such, Capris grew up in orphanage with Father Brendan raised her as his own. Shortly after turning 18 Capris found her best friend and roommate dead in their room.  After the police closed off the room Farther Brendan and Capris went through as they could not understand why Blair would kill herself when she was suddenly so happy as her life appeared to be on the fast track.  Capris was looking for Blair's diary, hidden behind her headboard, and in addition to the book she found several video cassettes.  The tapes showed that Blair and someone that the duo knew,  were part of an illegal porno movie operation.  Upon turning the evidence over to the police, the case was closed and the tapes were destroyed citing that nothing good would come from the scandal if the tapes were released.
When father Brendan was dying he revealed everything about her lineage to Capris.  Some time later she met Ripclaw of Cyberforce, who taught her to use her Darkness powers. 

Five years later and still full of hatred, she sought out the men responsible for Blair's death. She disguised herself as a stripper named Tiffany and managed to kill them. Ripclaw followed her on the revenge trip with the offer of additional training in handling the Darkness' power. She met her brother Jackie Estacado for the first time and she told him where Angelus held Frankie. When Jackie had to travel to the spirit world with Ripclaw to fight Cherubs, Capris was tasked with taking care of their bodies and keeping Jenny company.
She recently appeared as a child in one of Jackie's dreams and with good reason: Jackie would evently find out while trying to destroy one of Sovereign's statues that the young version of Capris was a bait of Sovereign and a returning Sonatine.


Capris has access to a small portion of the darkness.  She primarily uses it to teleport objects from one point to another (including herself).  She occasionally uses her power to kill (in many of the ways Jackie himself does) and can kill Darklings (she has killed 2 to date).

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