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A mysterious criminal, who along with his crew of river pirates, robbed Gotham's elite on cruise ships near the city's harbor. While Batman first suspected that Fear was a genuine threat, he soon deduced that he was nothing other than a punk in pirate garb. This misjudgment nearly cost Batman his life when Fear subdued and tied him to a buoy in shark-infested waters. With the help of Robin, who used Fear's robotic parrot that recorded all of his criminal activity, police arrested the gang of pirates. Cap'n Fear managed to evade capture but not before being knocked into the surf by Batman who had escaped his deadly predicament.

It was assumed that Fear had drowned or been eaten by sharks but he was seen one last time when he had been hired by Cluemaster to aid in the escape of Blackgate prisoners. Ultimately, Fear betrayed them and left them to be re-captured. Cap'n Fear was last seen sailing off into Gotham's waters.

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