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Capitão Ninja first appearance would be in a children comic book called "O Pequeno Ninja" (The Little Ninja), as villain to the comic's hero the Little Ninja itself. After the comic book was canceled, Ninja came to appear as a satiric character in a video-game magazine, called Pro-Gamers. In Pro-Gamers he performed some appearances in comic strips, fighting against characters from Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat as well as other famous video-game characters. Then he gained some popularity among readers, and when Pro-Gamers ended he started appearing in a magazine called Dragão Brasil which was specialized in Role Playing Games. Dragão Brasil belonged to Editora Trama, who realized the Ninja's potential and decided explore it releasing the mini series U.F.O. Team.

NOTE: A few years later, when Cassaro released another comic book called Holy Avenger, Ninja would appear on that again in comic strips as your alter-ego performing some comedy lines aside of Erica Awano - portrayed as comic character as well, but as herself.


The Capitão's past is a mystery, nor the members of U.F.O. Team knows anything about him except that he works for NORAD neither the most of his superiors. There's rumors and speculation about who he are, or why he joined NORAD, some try to ask him but he always evade with some joke about himself. There's only information about his career on American Air Force, like one time that he failed on a mission where he was supose to protect Nicole Margot from bein kipnaped for Metalians - a warrior breed of aliens, who are all made of liquid metal. Few years later, Nicole would come back and try to kill him...

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