I need help with the concept of Canon

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    I've wanted to submit the concept of Canon for a while, and now just gave a few, mostly abstract, instances and put one story arc with it. I have a vague idea of what  an introductory paragraph that gives the history of canon could look like, other than that I don't have much. It would be nice if experts would put in more story arcs and issues that would be important for the concept of canon (only put ones that are canonical? What about ones that are considered non-canon?) I would advise against issue spamming and filling it in for everything - "but all those issues of the Care Bears are considered canonical in their Care Bear comic universe"

What does this cannon have to do with comic books?

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what the hell... care bears!? canons? RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! jk.

what exactly are you having problems with? the fact that it "might" be tolerated as spamming? if so, it would be inadequate seeing as its kinda like a stamp that says "official"

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