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With the devastating DC Implosion, a majority of the 31 titles terminated in 1978 were cancelled in the middle of story lines. Therefore staff members "published" in extremely limited quantities, two volumes of "Cancelled Comic Cavalcade." A bleak homage to DC's 1940s anthology Comic Cavalcade, each volume consisted of photocopied stories and covers of the cancelled works. These volumes were distributed only to creators of the material, and to the U.S. copyright office.

Cancelled Comic Cavalcade# 1, which included a cover of the fallen champions by artist Al Milgrom, a Summer 1978 cover date, and a 10c price tag (despite never being sold), included the unpublished Black Lightning #12 and cover to issue #13; Claw The Unconquered #13 and #14; The Deserter #1; Doorway to Nightmare #6; (Though it later appeared in The Unexpected #190); Firestorm #6 (which later ran as back up stories in the Flash #244 - #246); and the Green Team #2 and #3.

Alex Saviuk covered the unemployed heroes line up for Cancelled Comic Cavalcade #2, which was cover dated Fall 1978 and sported a mock $1 price tag. Unpublished materiel that appeared in this included Kamadi #60 and #61 (with a One Man Army Corps back up tale); Prez #5; Shade the Changing Man #9 (including an Odd-Man back up); Showcase #105 and #106 starring Deadman and the Creeper respectively; The Secret Society of Super Villains #16 and #17; Steel #6; and the Vixen #1. The issue also featured unpublished covers for Army at War #2, Battle Classics #3, Demand Classics #1 and #2, Mister Miracle #26, Ragman #6, Wierd Mystery Tales #25 and #26, and Western Classics #1 and #2.

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