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Campion Bond in a member of MI5 who gets the League OF Extraordinary Gentlemen together in 1898. Their mission was to get the Cavorite possessed by Doctor Fu Manchu, only to betray them to Moriarty who had the same plans for the device. Despite his betrayal he gets to keep his job even after Mycroft Holmes takes over for MI5. No one in the League liked Bond very much and the tension was only increased after this event.


Campion Bond is suggested to be an ancestor of the famous James Bond but nothing has been established as such. He could even be James' grandfather. He was created as one of the few original characters for the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen (LOEG) universe.

Character Evolution

After his betray of the LOEG Campion is put under the closer eye of Mycroft Holmes. Mycroft being the more talented brother of Sherlock undoubtedly keeps him on a short leash. Mycroft even sends him with the League to investigate a mysterious crashed ship that turns out to be Martian invaders. Champion and the League Members are the only known people to have survived the incident.

Major Story Arcs

Campion Bond

Campion appears in both six issue miniseries in the LOEG. He is primarily stationed in London. He has done little to physically be present with the LOEG on any mission.

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