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The true age of the camp is never explicilitly mentioned, however considering the fact that both Chiron and Dionysus are immortal and have trained heroes who lived in ancient Greece we can assume its over 2000 years old, although like Olympus its actual physical location may have changed. It currently resides in Long Island New York, and as it is a secret location uses the cover of a Strawberry Farm and is enshrouded by The Mist.


Camp Half Blood was originally created by Rick Riordan in the novel Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief and was first drawn by Attila Futaki and Jose Villarubia in Percy Jackson and the lightning Thief.

The Layout in the Original Books

  • Cabins: In the first 5 books, There are 12 cabins in Camp Half Blood, one for each of the 12 major Gods arranged in the same fashion as they sit on Olympus. Several are empty as they do not have children (e.g. Hera, Artemis, and others). This semi circular area is the main feature of Camp Half-blood. Each cabin is large, and houses between 1 - 20 people at a time. After the great battle in Last Olympian many more cabins were made though only 2 are specifically mentioned and they are Hades and Hypnos.
  • Stables: The stables house the magical Pegasi which are used by the demigods for riding. Due to the magical nature of their inhabitants the stables are an interesting place to visit.
  • The Big House: This ancient Baby blue mansion is the home of Chiron, Dionysus and The Oracle. It consists of many rooms, however only a few are noteworthy enough to be mentioned. (Living Room, where Percy first meets Mr D and Chiron. The basement and tha Attic, where the Oracle resides.
  • The Forest: Herein reside many monsters summoned directly from the underworld to be used by the demigods to train. The exact number of monsters is unknown, although no camper is allowed into the forest alone.

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