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Weird Worlds


Cammera first appeared in an issue of Weird Worlds as the planet that Tanga encounters on her travels through space. As evident from the very first time you set eyes on this world it is a very busy place. Cammera is full of traffic on and off the planet and features a major spaceport. It is visited by many species and races.


Cammera also has an indigenous population, the Cammerans, who spend most of their time cowering away from a monster infestation. These Cammerans do have a protector and this protector calls himself Za. He fought off the monsters before Tanga arrived on the planet. Tanga was able to defeat a monster that Za himself could not so now she is the new protector of the Cammerans.

My Greatest Adventure

Tanga Flying Around Cammera

Tanga is still on Cammera in the series, My Greatest Adventure. She has taken over as protector of the Cammerans which Za heals from the last battle he fought in. The Cammerans are reluctant to call Tanga their savior and protector because they believe that the recent rise in the number of monster encounters has something to do with her appearance on their planet.

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