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Counting Calories!
From early childhood, Taryn Loy was pushed into becoming a chronic overachiever. She was always trying to outdo others, academically and physically. When her father, a brilliant Bismollian scientist discovered a way to alter Bismollian physiology so that caloric energy would be processed into super strength, his daughter became his first test subject. The experiment succeeded - in addition to the usual Bismollian matter-eating powers, she now possessed super strength. Confident in her new abilities, she tried out for an honour she had yet to achieve - membership in the Legion of Super-Heroes. Because of her similarity in power to already-member Matter-Eater Lad, however, she was rejected.

She would soon join up with other rejected potential candidates for membership as part of the Legion of Super Rejects. Returning with the others to the Legion Headquarters they threw down to battle and win membership once they had beaten their counterparts. While she proved to be a dangerous opponent, her counterpart managed to defeat her. Defeated Taryn would drop her title as Calorie Queen and return to Bismoll, disappearing into the Legion's odd tryout history, or one would think.

Much later, Calorie Queen and Matter-Eater Lad would go on to work together, long ago putting their teenage issues behind them. Taryn never truly being evil, but more a truly ambitious young woman, set her eyes on Matter-Eater Lad's political career in Bismoll.


Like all natives of Bismoll, Calorie Queen is able to eat and digest any substance. Additionally, because of her father's experimentation, she gained super-strength whenever she ate. Presumably, she fed regularly to maintain her strength.

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