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In this issue:

"Fugitive: A Moose On the Loose, or A Villain to Fill In" by Charles Marshall, Greg Cravens, Charles Ettinger and Bryan Andrews

Detective Delaney is chasing the psychopath Raisch, but finds himself transported to a world where TV cartoon villains...and heroes...come to life. Bullwinkle, Rocky the Flying Squirrel, Boris Badanov, Natasha, Snidely Whiplash, and Dudley Doright live in a world where nobody ever truly gets hurt, until Raisch starts breaking the rules.

"This Is Only a Test" by Kyle Garrett, Guy Davis and James Kessler

A suburban housewife cleans the house and plays with her baby while the local station runs the test of the emergency broadcast signal. Outside, a nuclear holocaust erupts.

"Heart of Darkness: The Saga of Cuda, Chapter 5" by Tim Vigil, Tim Tyler and Pagan

Cuda and Jinix meet the grotesque Prince Elrin, mad sorcerer and brother to Arson, chained to the wall of their cell. He offers them advice in their coming battle against his brother. He describes how Arson's heart is protected within a crystal, but with a charm on their swords, they can destroy it. The charm is in Elrin's blood, and he begs an end to his cruel existence.

"The Bore" by Paul Curtis and Andrew J. Pepoy

"Fairy Tails: Book One: Beyond These Castle Walls" by Bob Duchesneau, Daniel Roy McKinnon and James Dean Smith

"Eyes of the Hero: Part 2: Opening the Eyes" by Chester Jacques, John Dennis, Dirk Johnston and Randy Zimmerman

"Caliber Bonus: Frost (Preview)" by James Perham, Kevin VanHook and Lee Harmon







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