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"Io, Part 2: Fleshette" by Barbed Wire Halo Studios

"Heart of Darkness: The Saga of Cuda, Chapter 3" by Tim Vigil, Tim Tyler and Kimberley Richardson

As Cuda stalks his hated enemy, the sorcerer Arson, the spirit of his father speaks to him through a statue of a angel, foretelling of a woman who is key to Cuda's success. His progress is slowed by more of Arson's demons, but Cuda continues in the maze until he comes upon a freshly killed demon. Out of the shadows, a figure springs upon him.

"The Realm: Glitch" by Guy Davis and Randy Zimmerman

Lord Darkoth has his trusted aide training his protege Sandra in the dark arts. In her lesson, an unknown entity enters her chambers. At first seemingly harmless, the creature known as Glitch asks permission to stay and pledges loyalty to Sandra, but soon hints at a more dangerous hidden nature. Sandra banishes him with ease, giving the aide some pause about Sandra's capabilities and Darkoth's ability to control them in the future.

"Thrillkill: Odds Maker" by Mark Winfrey and Daniel Roy McKinnon

Tyrelious Belizonz, aka Thrill-kill has been taken captive by the Eltrites, but they need his help in the battle against the High Priest, so they send in their leaders daughter, Laana, to convince him.

"Revolt Level" by Eric Hess and Brian K. Ward

In this future society, genetics is an advanced much so that the Government can detect revolutionaries by a simply scan and reliably eliminate their threat with extreme prejudice, regardless of their age. Tell that to the exterminators who get the assignment which points him to a child's crib.

"Caliber Bonus: Progeny (Preview)" by Jim Calafiore







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