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In this issue:

"Gideon's" by Kyle Garrett, James O'Barr and Randy Zimmerman

Gideon's is a secret shop in an unsavory part of town where the rarest of things can be obtained. A child vampire requests a potion to revert back to mortality, so he can reach a more desirable age before resuming immortality.

"Thrill-Kill, Part 1" by Mark Winfrey and Daniel Roy McKinnon

An attempt to take the First Lady hostage has been bungled, and now the crime lord has a super agent bearing down on him, armed with a legendary weapon. Thrillkill finds himself betrayed.

"The Saga of Cuda: Heart of Darkness, Chapter 2" by Tim Vigil, Tim Tyler and Kimberley Richardson

Cuda enters the fortress of the sorcerer Arson, seeking his head. First, he must pass the wizard's worm, and resist the charms of his harem.

"Treads" by Brian K. Ward and Eric Hess

Alien explorers that are slug-like in appearance land on Earth and boldly venture forth, but find crossing the highway to be the end of their adventure.

"The Doom Patrol: A Dead World Tale" by Vince Locke

The city has sent a search and destroy mission out to rid itself of a reported 'smart' zombie. Other zombies are relatively stupid and easy to deal with, so this one is particularly dangerous. Unfortunately, one of the mission members is caught and reveals the location of the last stronghold city of non-infected humans.







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