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Caleb of Meridian

Caleb was a former Murmurrer. A group of flowers transformed into soldiers by Phobos to do his evil bidding.  Caleb then developed his own will and broke free from ' spell. This lead him to being the leader of the rebels and the main target of Phobos and Cedric. He became very popular in Meridian. He then mat Cornelia whom he fell in love with. Cornelia, before they even met was the literal girl of her dreams.

During his time as a herald of Kandrakar he taught Will how to teleport. Soon after that he fell in the hands of Nerissa, who took away his powers to rejuvenate.
After Nerissa have been defeated, he returned to  Meridian which led to Cornelia's broken heart and disappointments from the other guardians especially Irma Lair. He then stayed in Meridian with Elyon and became her right hand. For being with her side for so long, he developed romantic affections to Elyon who have crush on him.

When he and Cornelia met again, he discovered that their feelings have changed but they will always have a special place in their hearts as friends. Though their romantic status was ended, Cornelia and Caleb cant stop thinking about each other. Cornelia then fell in love with Peter Cook and Caleb fell in love with Elyon.

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