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Alec Holland was enraged by the Green’s repetitive attempts to entitle him as Swamp Thing. In his rage he tried to rid himself of the bio-restorative formula that would catalyze his transformation into Swamp Thing. Before he can destroy it, Calbraith A.H. Rodgers stops him. Rodgers explains to Holland that he was a pilot of the air force and was shot down to crash. He also explains that before he died the Green saved him and made him a warrior of the Green. He has a message to deliver and convinces Holland to hear him out.

Rodgers touches Holland and shows him images of the Rot and Sethe. He tell him he must take up mantle of the Swamp thing and prevent this evil. Rodgers begins to fade, this happens because he disconnected his roots from the Parliament of Trees to give his final message. In his last words he tell Holland to beware and stay away from the girl with white hair.


As a young child Calbraith A.H. Rodgers, felt a connection to the Green, as though it was going to consume his identity. To escape from this he became a pilot, to stay away from the earth and its plants. In 1942, he was flying for the Royal Air Force. He and his comrades were shot down. He crashed, but before he died the Green spared his life by encasing him in a pod and creating him as a Swamp Thing. He fulfilled his duty, until it was his time to rest in the Parliament of Trees.

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