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No doubt about it, Cal Hicks was a hero straight out of the action movies. He had a hair-trigger temper, a drinking problem, and a habit of saving beautiful women from firefights.

One of those beautiful women was Tommi Ryder, a beautiful supermodel-turned-lawyer who got her hands on a tape that would put international terrorist Saddam Hopper behind bars for the rest of his life. Hopper's people were after Ryder, and Cal managed to save her. They stole a helicopter and made their escape, but unfortunately the copter went down in the swamps near the Texas-Louisiana border.

With Hopper's people right behind them, Cal looked for a way out of the swamp. And a way into Tommi Ryder's heart.

He was in love with her, convinced that they would be together, just like the hero and the love interest in the movies.

They were rescued from Hopper's thugs by a more dangerous pair of men, Jody and T.C. from the local plantation of Angelville. While they normally wouldn't put up with the kind of macho nonsense that Cal seemed to enjoy, Jody saw that the man thought he was a Hero, and heroes, why, they're always fun....

During the night, Cal tried to seduce Tommi, but discovered that he could add impotence to his list of personal problems. Even the dog would have nothing to do with him.

The next day, they were finally captured by Hopper and his men. Tied up, facing death and dismemberment, Cal confessed his love and dreams to Tommi, who shot him down. They were saved by T.C. and Jody, but by that point, Cal's posturing had ceased to be fun. Jody broke Cal's nose and tied him up in the swamps to be eaten by the alligators.

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