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Cajun Creed had his base of operations out of New Orleans but ran afoul of Moon Knight when he ventured into New York. He was a up and comer in the drug racket when he had his operation infiltrated by French agent Isabelle Kristel. She managed to steal a large sum of his money and drugs. Isabelle then made her way to New York to see her old friend Marc Spector (Moon Knight) and her one-time lover Frenchie. She left Frenchie a sealed box which was to only be opened if she did not return. Her subsequent murder by Creed for the theft brought him once again to the attention of Moon Knight. Moon Knight tracked him back to New Orleans where he was able to apprehend Creed and avenge the death of Isabelle Kristel.


Cajun Creed was created by Doug Moench and Bill Sienkiewicz in 1981 and first appeared in Moon Knight # 11.


Cajun Creed possesses some amount of superhuman strength. He was witnessed by Moon Knight lifting a sofa, which was seating four beautiful young women, over his head and boasting to the crowd that he could lift four more if he wanted.

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