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Caitiff was created by writers/penciller Robert Loren Fleming and Keith Giffen, debuting in Action Comics #577. Three years later since his first appearance, Caitiff returned in the last issue of Justice League International, again written by Keith Giffen, although this time in collaboration with his long-time writing partner J.M. DeMatteis.

Major Story Arc

Justice League International

Ted Kord and Booster Gold are hired by Jacobs Research labs to bring them Caitiff, undead or dead. The two heroes track him to a deserted sewer plant where Caitiff has made a graveyard of all the other Vampires humans have killed. Booster and Ted try to fight Caitiff then they try to reason with him. But when he learns they want to take him to the same place that killed his wife and daughter he runs off down a tunnel. Booster and Ted soon find him impaled on a spike in a pit. They will never know if he slipped or the pain of being the last of his kind forced him to commit suicide. They leave his body there instead of taking it back to Jacobs.

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