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With the Earth's population decreasing, the United Nations set off to space in order to colonize Mars. In this process, two alien nano-technologies were found, the Crusnik and the Bacillus. The Crusnik nanomachines were installed into four test tube babies: Cain, Seth, Lilith and Abel. The Bacillus, on the other hand were distributed to the colonists thus creating vampires or Methuselah.  

Of all these children, Cain was the Eldest. He was once the benevolent one until a war broke out on Earth just after the Methuselah arrived. They were forced to join sides, Cain, Seth and Abel allied themselves with the Methuselah while Lilith joined the humans and the Vatican. After Cain had been revived from the dead with the Crusnik technology, he became mentally insane and eventually killed Lilith. This forced Seth and Abel to toss Cain from their starship and in his descent was burned to ash. However, Cain did not die and regenerated himself.

As time passed, Cain, along with Isaak Von Kempfer, conquered the Rosenkreuz, an organization that had become enemies of the Vatican. Eventually, the Rosenkreuz blossomed into the largest terrorist group under the grasp of Cain and his ally yet "Contra Mundi" or so his subjects call him, has his own personal vendetta. In the process, his brother Abel discovered that Cain is still alive. When the Rosenkruez lead a siege on, he and his brother battle one another but Cain's superior power lead to Abel's death.  

Contra Mundi planned on using Abel's body to retrieve the access codes for a devastating rocket but is confronted by Father Tres, the cybernetic AX agent, but is overcome easily. Still, Abel was resurrected using Lilith's nanomachines granting the ability to hold his own against his brother and they battle once more, ending in a draw.  

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