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Tlaango ran from Caffrey because she was a slave of his. When he found her, he tried to use his energy whip. However, Spiderman came and rescued Tlaango, swinging away. Caffrey chased after them, and his whip caught entangled itself around Spiderman's leg. Captain Marvel, who was insane at the time, acted, he knocked out Caffrey and kicked Spiderman, also knocking him out.

Captain Marvel interrogated Caffrey and it was revealed that Caffrey was actually the lover of Tlaango. Caffrey was angered and threatened Captain Marvel. Karl Coven, who was also present, was angered and killed Caffrey by breaking his neck.

First Appearance: Captain Marvel#10


Caffrey had super strength and durability. He also used an energy whip that shocked people. Caffrey could also shoot energy blasts.

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