Shouldn't this volume be split?

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If the title & indicia reads differently on issue #25/#26, shouldn't this volume be split up?

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I think it's kind of similar to Marvel's G.I.Joe and IDW's G.I. Joe A Real American Hero....IDW's is a continuation of Marvel's series, numbering and all but because the indicia and publisher are different they're split up....I don't necessarily agree that should have happened but for this...#25 and #26 are supposed to be from the Cable I guess it all depends on the site rules....I'm betting if you asked someone at Marvel though they'd say it's the same volume

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If it's a title change, they should be split. 

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@Shatterstar: G-Man already added 26 as its own volume when it came out, I was unaware of 25 but I guess that should be moved over too
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@jloneblackheart said:
" If it's a title change, they should be split.  "
This.  It'll make it even more confusing for each new random issue they come out with... But it's the way we do things on CV so split it up :) 
I was tempted to add the post #200 issues of X-Factor to the original X-Factor series or a new volume.  The renumbering brought it back in line with the original volume, but it's stayed attached to the newer volume but with a massive 150 issue gap between 50 & 200.  The indice just says 'X-FACTOR', not even with a volume number.

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