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Cable has his new crew of X-force working and it seems like they will be some of the bigger outlaws in the Marvel U, so far the Line up that has been announced include Forge, Dr. Nemesis, Colossus, & Domino. It has already been said that Hope will play a role in it, my question is simple i guess who else would you like to see involved in his line up?

Off the Top of my head I would LIke Warpath included, the two have history and i don't think I have seen War path scheduled in any other book. I think they need some sort of Flier? most teams have one no idea who though, any way your opinions please.

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Just hoping Boom-Boom or Life Guard join (not that LG has any relation to the team), i mean with Dazzler getting her time to shine in X-Treme, that leaves two of Utopia's Street Team girls out of the loop, hopefully Boom-Boom's the old X-Forcer that joins, and LG just follows, lol. >.>

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For some reasons, i like Danger to be in this team. as far as i know, Danger is no longer a part of cyclop's x-men so this will be a good start for her.

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@AgeofHurricane: I would LOVE to see boom boom in any title for that matter, but this one would be solid considering her history in the original X Force group. Lifeguard is an interesting character, i think she only was ever in Storm's X-treme X men and not much in that one iirc, so a chance to develop here character would be cool with me

@chocobojam: Danger is no longer with Scott, honestly i am not sure i want to see her anywhere I am not that fond of the character myself but it wouldn't be terrible still they already have Forge and Dr Nemesis not sure if they need another brain on the team lol

Also for some odd reason it's not notifying me when people reply to my topics? Either of you know how to fix that lol

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I would rather have deadpool be in cable and x-force than going to that thunderbolts book -__-....i personally don't mind the current lineup, i'm only picking this up so i can see Colossus wreck stuff, with the power changes coming to his character supposedly (bendis said the phoenix force altered the powers of the p5 sooo ^_^), i just want colossus to become more powerful so that there's actually a legit mutant brick that can compete with HULK >=P....apparently his ultimate version is powerful enough to handle Thor and Iron-Man, so something that powerful would be cool

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*signs* like father like son....lol

cyclops turns criminal and so does cable by accident....lol

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This is shaping up to be awesome. Only thing its lacking in now is pouches. This is Cable & X-Force, nothing short of at least 25 porches each will be considered acceptable.

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@McKlayn: danger helped scott escape from prison, i thought she was still on cyclops team for the new uncanny x-men reboot.

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@HopesummersFORtheFUTURE: She left in the last issue of consequences, told him that she owed him enough to free him but she had to find her own cause now (or something to that affect)

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@HopesummersFORtheFUTURE: how come cable has an eye patch and a giant robot arm ?

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I want to see Colossus mess some stuff up

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@z3ro180: I know they mentioned since Hope cured him of the T-O virus, his body and mind have not adapted to the heal and with him having his full back again that is the reason for that. The eye part I still don't understand.

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