Deadpool & Cable

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Last Christmas was the bomb! I got the entire Cable & Deadpool series in the six issue each trades.
Then I found out they were releasing them in Ultimate collections. No problem, I like my versions better. : )
But the title was re-named to Deadpool & Cable! This is in no way new news, and I understand the reason for the change, (Deadpool is more popular nowadays, and it'd sell better being arranged next to other Deadpool comics, I think) but it just kinda seems like it was unfair to Cable. Then the last issue of Cable was re-named Deadpool & Cable. That's totally unfair to me. >_< 
I looked at the back of that issue, and saw all the reprints of Cable & Deadpool covers, along with a thing at the end that said something along the lines of "Celebrating 51 issues of Deadpool and Cable."  I thought that was also pretty shysty, with the fact being that Cable was only in 38 of the 50 issues of Cable & Deadpool.
So, despite possible good reasons, do other Cable fans agree that this is pretty lame?

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Eh, it's not like they're excluding him from the title completely.

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@Meteorite: But... he was taken out of Cable & Deadpool!
Maybe that's why they're renaming the title? Because at the end Cable wont be there... Are the ultimate collections collecting the last eight issues?
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@RiceFox: I guess so. Deadpool is also more popular so that'd the reason too I imagine.

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