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Cable’s body continues to deteriorate from the techno-virus due to his lack of telepathy. With new threats on the horizon, will Cable train until he’s maxed out? Agent Jack Truman continues to dig up dirt on Cable, while Zzzax makes his presence known in Hell’s Kitchen! Can Cable defeat two foes in one fell swoop?

Cable is training hard, but is realizing that nothing seems to help the techno-virus from spreading his body without his telepathy.

Agent Gerard from foreign operations arrives to Sudan to see S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Jack Truman who is currently residing there, and hands him a dossier. In it, is his next mission, to capture Cable. He travels to Switzerland to meet with G.W. Bridge. G.W. Bridge seems to not like Agent Truman's presence and goes to look him up in the Hellicarrier. At that moment, Nick Fury arrives to tell Bridge that he is no longer needed for the Cable case.

Agent Truman flies to Hell's Kitchen to try and get some more dirt on Cable with the help of Zzzax.

Cable goes to relax at the Diner, where he sees Stacey and her kid brother Kenny. Cable finds out Kenny has Down Syndrome. On the T.V. news, Cable sees that there is trouble in Hell's Kitchen caused by Zzzax.

Cable and Zzzax fight one and one, even though it becomes apparent to Cable that the virus is debilitating him more and more. He succeeds in stopping Zzzax by spraying it with a water hose. Tired and almost defeated, Cable is then confronted by Agent Truman.

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