dark_noldor's Cable and X-Force #3 review

Stop Eating from Fast Food big corporations!

A big biological hazard that is killing only humans, that probably was unleashed by an anti mutant bilionaire and has the potential to stir up things badly for the mutant/human relation, what am I missing, YES, Cable is now branded again as a terrorist. It appears that Marvel is definitely making things bad for mutants again, since now they're are back for good, using this concept in more than one book, even using the same characters from Uncanny Avengers to try to convince Hope to help them track down Cable. And what about Hope, I was really hoping she would receive a different treatment in this book, but Hopeless figured out it was for the best to give her the "I'm your father, you're not coming with me because it's too dangerous" protocol. Also, what's the point of dropping her the bad news regarding Cable's health, if they even talked about it in the follow up panel, that seemed odd and strange to me. There're some great things going on in this book, such as Forge: I like this character a lot, he's being explored very well in my opinion, not being relegated to behind the scenes, I'm enjoying his more active role in Cable's role. Also the main plot is pretty decent, it's a safe play, there's a hidden player involved, controlling the action, but nonetheless it's a non creative new story with it's perks. The art is fabulous, Larroca is really killing here, yet I dislike Cable's new designs: his eyepatch and his new mechanical arm are off to me, they didn't give balance to the character. Wraping up, unfortunately this was my last issue of this title, since my budget and time got shorter, had to do some cuts and this title was one of them, but I would still keep reading this title, it's not the best, but it promises good things!


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