the_mighty_monarch's Cable and X-Force #12 review

Pale-Skinned Lovers and the Family Summers

A pretty simplistic cover, but the interior art is definitely excellent. But Larroca always delivers some pretty fantastic artwork here, so I'm not surprised.

Last issue was completely devoid of Cable after his capture at the hands of the Uncanny Avengers, dedicated to one of the side missions he sent the rest of X-Force out on, but this issue manages to fit in a bit of Cable alongside the outing. It's a fairly interesting scene, the family drama is heavy in the atmosphere, and we get to see a new wrinkle to Cable's recent visions.

While it was nice to see Domino and Colossus work out their emotional issues after their daliance about half the series ago, I feel a bit Dominoverloaded. It's been two issues now since we've seen Forge or Dr. Nemesis. Last issue was a fun little romp with Domino and Boom Boom, so I was hoping this issue would feature a different duo. I mean, yeah it's a different duo, but 50% of it was the same.

I've never known much about Colossus, he was one of the more major X-Men who always somehow fell off my radar, but this issue I've found I can really relate to him. Colossus is an extremely cmplex man, and being in X-Force is only making things harder for him. He seems to be romantically passive, but I love the way he takes charge of the budding relationship at the end of the issue, frankly, it was adorable.

Meanwhile, Hope gets some big answers on the 'why' of everything that's been going on in this series. I'm still not sure how much connectivity there is between the various events that lead to that apocalyptic future, but it's nice to see how Cable was brought into it, and the effect they're having. Although I feel like there needs to be some other big twist on how things got that way, because dismal futures are already Cable and Hope's big gimmick, this one needs more oomph to stand out, and the identity of the 'female Stryfe' certainly isn't that. It was obvious from page 1.

In Conclusion: 4/5

Cable and X-Force isn't generally my favorite series, but ever since things really got rolling, i's a super fun book that never lets me down. It's cool without being over the top about it, and there's plenty of emotion and character interaction development in the mix as well. I just REALLY hope next issue gives us a Forge/Nemesis mission, I miss Dr. Nemesis.


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