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Cable + X-Force = Awesome

So here we have the first issue of Cable and X-Force. I was extremely excited for this series when I heard about it. I've been a big fan of Cable for a while, especially during the Civil War event. I've been out of the comic game for a while and was sad to see when Cable died a few years back and seeing him again with the new look is refreshing. I've liked the idea of X-Force for a while, a group that does the behind the scenes dirty work that the clean cut, pure image of the X-Men can't do.

You combine the X-Force with a leader like Cable, who follows his own rules and can't even be held down by time to lead a new group of X-Force, you're going to get a potentially dangerous and bad ass group. I loved the cover with the lineup and seeing Colossus on the roster is a nice plus.

The artwork is very solid. Salvador's art and D'Armata's coloring really work for the series and Salvador's drawing of Cable really shows his age and battle worn looks well. Cable looks old facially but his body and size show otherwise. The action and panels are well laid out and are sized well to show a lot of scenery and characters well. I really like how the panels don't stack, which provides an easier to follow and fluid flowing, coherent issue.

The first issue deals with Cable trying to get his bearings given that he's free of the techno-organic virus that has plagued his body for years and changing a future he's seen, with no regards to casualties. The bit with Cable finally gaining control of his left arm, but after so many years of telekinetic suppression of the T-O virus in his arm has left his arm no more than a pile of meat and bones was a nice touch for me. Cable's telekinesis is out of whack and he's getting major headaches involving visions.

Domino is featured prominently in the series too, which leads me to assume she will most likely play quite a major role in the series. There's also another major character who appears that I won't reveal but that character's reunion with Cable was definitely an important and great reveal in this issue.

Overall I really enjoyed this issue and am hopeful with the direction it's heading.


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