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Out Of This World...Literally

Issues #13-18 - This volume picks up about a month after the events that took place in The Burnt Offering volume. A murder has happened on the island of Providence and detective Deadpool is on the case sporting a trench coat and bowler hat bringing his sharp wit to the crime scene. With him following leads that take him to the sewers he's bound to solve the case…isn't he? Shortly later Cable disappears after fighting Skornn with the X-Force. Deadpool must travel to alternate realities to find and bring back Cable. Cannonball and Siryn tag along for support. They begin to find alternate versions of Cable in different realities but not the one they're searching for until they come to a reality where they run into none other that Mr. Sinister who is harboring Cable only he's a baby. 

This is a fun an entertaining comic as Deadpool tries his hand at detective and then jumps around to alternate realities to find Cable. The dialogue is great and the story only keeps improving. The art as usual is amazing. It was nice to see Cannonball and Siryn tag along for the ride and the appearance of Mr. Sinister was a plus as well. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite comics to read. I can't wait to see what is in store for Cable & Deadpool next. 

Rating - 5/5


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