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The Acolytes find Omega Red in the sewers of London and offer the idea that he can be cured from his death spore virus. Omege Red then attacks the Muir Island Research Center in hopes of finding a component to the cure. Cable had been there to have some tests done concerning his link to Phoenix, but he is sedated when Omega Red attacks. In the end, Omega Red escapes and Cable is determined to regain the stolen property. Joining him are the Acolytes.


Cable travels to Muir Island to get some answers. The last time he was there, he and Phoenix discovered that she could hear Cable's interior monitoring systems. In light of recent revelations about Cable's father being Cyclops, the theory is that the two are in fact related and share a special bond that neither of them knew about. Cable mopes about and Phoenix calls him out on it. Cable, it seems, is too bitter get answers anymore.

In London, some of Magneto's Acolytes scour a sewer. They search for Omega Red, but all they initially find are his victims floating in the refuse. They find one man still alive (barely) and so they know they are close. Katu lurches forward and calls out Omega Red and the latter leaps from the shadows and clutches Katu in his syphoning tentacles. Katu is finally released and the group explains that they have searched for Omega Red for one purpose: to help him be free of his death sport virus.

Above ground, the Weird Happenings Organization has its hands full with a fire that they are sure was caused by some mutant acting out. Brigadier MacNeil calls Excalibur for help. Phoenix and Kitty Pryde are quickly dispatched. Moira prevents Cable from helping, as she has some tests she wants to run to discover the true link between Cable and Phoenix. As they walk to a lab, Omega Red stands in the distance.

In the lab, Cable gets hooked up to a machine and Moira begins her the first of her tests. She is surprised to see that Cable's arm is not purely metal, as a prior test had indicated. Cable admits that he's masked the truth about his techno-organic arm in the past to protect himself. Moira begins another test and dampens the mechanical aspects of Cable's body when alarms go off in the complex. Cable is helpless and Moira packs a big gun to find the cause. She is immediately subdued by Omega Red.

Ignoring his numb right side, Cable attempts to fight Omega Red. It is a one-sided affair as Omega Red wipes the floor with Cable while preaching about the joys of a warriors victory. He then turns to a console and extracts a vial of biocellular subcutaneaous matrix stabilizer. Just then, however, Cable's body is freed and he gets use of his limbs. The two engage in another battle and Cable seems to get the upper hand Omega Red finally finds the dampening button and Cable is rendered useless again.

Cable wakes up a time later to the sound of Phoenix's voice. He sees a vision of old Mother Askani that melds into Phoenix's face. Cable admits that he really is ready to get some questions answered and informs the ladies of his intention to attend the wedding of Cyclops and Jean Grey. Kitty then explains Omega Red's plan: Omega Red is searching for a way to stop his death spore virus and his stop at Muir Island was merely to gather one of many things scattered across the globe. Cable says that he is on the hunt and Kitty informs him that he may not be alone. She got her information from the Acolytes and they are present to help find Omega Red.

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