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Cable returns to his Hell's Kitchen base of operations to find its insides demolished. A shaken Irene leads him to Blaquesmith, who is more interested in Cable's recent defeat of Apocalypse than in the attack on their home. They are interrupted by Stacey, but Cable asks Irene to show her out.

Blaquesmith reveals a secret sub-level lab, the likely target of the raid on their base. It contains his work to reverse the effects of Cable's techno-organic virus.

In an interlude, time travelers from 2,000 years in the future float above present-day NYC, undetected. A team prepares for their mission to the change the past. Meanwhile, Ozymandias sweeps across the desert landscape, praying for the Earth's future sans his master.

Cable visits Stacey at the diner where she works. She declares her love for him, but he breaks off their relationship – afraid his enemies might hurt her to get to him. He erases Stacey's memories of him and slips out into the night. Moments later, he feels something amiss – his telekinesis doesn't seem to be working...

Later, Irene wanders the streets of Hell's Kitchen looking for Cable, who missed their meet. She finds him strung up in an alleyway, his body a burbling mess of flesh and wires – without his TK, the techno-organic virus has taken over his entire body!

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