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A mighty plot of revenge is planned and put into execution by the presumed dead Tolliver. In the course of this plan, however, many things are revealed to Cable about his past. In order to fully understand, Cable must give in to the Chaos Bringer, an action that may put his parents in danger. Askani is back and her mission is the same: save the family of the Clan Chosen.


Tolliver is not dead. Neither is Tyler Dayspring, the son of Cable. In fact, the two are one in the same. Tyler is found by Zero, Stryfe's old minion. Zero questions Tyler's course of action, but Tyler feels justified in exacting revenge on those who have hurt him, the primary target being his father Cable. Tyler intends on using others to exact his revenge, the first person being Mr. Sinister.

In New York, Cable is drawn to the grave of Madelyne Pryor Summers, his mother. Domino is with him and Cable explains that Madelyne was actually the mother of Stryfe, of whom Cable is a clone. He asks Domino to help him sort out his head. As the two talk, Mr. Sinister appears and offers to tell them the truth they've been seeking. For starters, he explains that Tolliver and Tyler were and are the same person.

Across town, Askani arrives in the present as a sentient trasmission of electromagnetic and biotechnic energy. Her job is to protect the Clan's savior and any of his family. She recalls her mission - given to her from the Bright Lady herself - to find and protect Cyclops and Jean Grey, the parents of the Chosen One.

At the cemetery, Sinister explains that he is responsible for the creation of Madelyne Pryor. She was a clone of Jean Grey and he hoped the offspring would be raised to be the savior of mutantkind. When Cable scoffs that Stryfe utterly failed with this charge, Mr. Sinister sets the record straight by explaining that Madelyne Pryor didn't birth Stryfe but Cable. As he vanishes, Sinister orders Cable to let the monster out. Cable feels a shock and then lashes out at Domino. He stalks away muttering to himself as if possessed.

Askani stands guard outside Xavier's Mansion and feels the presence of the man she feared would threaten the Chosen's family. Before she can sort anything out another presence manifests: Tyler and Zero appear. Askani can't believe that Tyler would disrupt so sacred a mission. Tyler explains that he is there to do more than that and takes Askani prisoner. Askani cries out that Stryfe has returned and that she needs to protect the Chosen's family. Tyler laughs. His hope is that Stryfe will now destroy both Cable and Cable's father, Cyclops. As they vanish to Tyler's hideaway, Jean cries out. Cyclops comes running and Jean explains that she felt Stryfe's return, accompanied by a familiar warning cry of a woman.

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