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A displaced Man

It's positive to assume that this is the first issue Joey Casey is 100% free fo write Cable's story, free to develop his vision of the character, of a displaced man, without a home and time of his own, searching for his humanity,for a purpose,a new look of what drives him,a man looking for some peace of mind,comfort and even real connections. The rupture from Cable's past characteristics imput on him over the years is a visible goal of the writer, since he tries to disconnect the ties other writers made for him over the years: the leader, the messiah, the relentless fighter, the role model that inspired his students from X-Force. This is very real when he meets Domino and, even showing that there's still a link between the two of them, both of them have a real hard time to recognize in one another what they imagined (or believed to be true) that would be with them for all life. It's not in plain sight, this shift in Cable's life is more subtle, proving that Joe Casey planned with care this new take on the hero. Casey's style is to describe Cable's thoughts and struggle in New York, giving him time to meet new people, like the waitress Stacey, and heal his wounds, it's an attempt for a "normal" life, after all, if his purpose is to save humanity, he must learn what makes this goal worth it, what's the importance of fighting the good fight. Like I said, Casey's style is to focus on Cable's new situation and, at the same time, engineer a new threat, changing the scenes more than once, culminating with his meeting with Domino. Jose Ladrönn continues to deliver a good art, though in this issue it felt a little rushed, like he wasn't completely focused in the art, but it was still decent. This is a very personnal and consciouness issue, no action, no battle, except for the words, it's a issue based on the power of words and feelings, a very interesting aproach of the character that Casey is doing. It's a different take on a character that we have always been accustomed to see in battle, never letting go, barking orders and showing no feelings, a very important part of Cable's life.

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