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In a Louisiana bayou, Cable, Domino and Douglock approach the lab of Renee Majcomb, an ally of Charles Xavier and Moira McTaggart. The trio are attacked by a team of mutant hunters known as First Strike, and under the command of Bastion's Operation: Zero Tolerance task force. Cable recalls a message from Moira asking his assistance in evacuating Majcomb, who is researching the Legacy Virus. Nearby, one of the stalkers is incapacitated by a shadowy entity. Cable is then tackled by another First Striker, but is aided by Douglock. As the pair interrogate the hunter, Domino confronts the mysterious entity, revealed to be mutant ally of Majcomb, named Abyss. Majcomb arrives and is attacked by another First Striker, then Abyss angrily leaps to defend her, not realizing his powers short circuit the stalkers' cybersynaptic suits, shutting down their minds. Cable persuades Abyss to release the hunters and demands that they take their comatose companion and leave.

In the end, Majcomb refuses to leave with Cable, preferring to research the Legacy Virus there with Abyss, who is infected.

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