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Cable, Domino and Garrison Kane are in the Microverse, teamed with the Micronauts, on a mission to rescue Copycat from Psycho-Man. They have breached the villain's fortress, but Kane, under the influence of a hate beam, attacks Cable. Despite Domino's protests, the team leaves the overwhelmed Cable to be captured by Psycho-Man, while Commander Rann formulates a plan. The group breaks into a lab where Rann, Mari and Bug can reduce their size.

The miniaturized trio enter Psycho-Man's Body Banks through a vent. There they find Kane bound to a device meant to extract his bionics, along with a catatonic Copycat and a weakened Cable. The Micronauts attack Psycho-Man and damage his emotion-simulator while Domino revives Copycat.

As the heroes gain back their abilities, Cable telepathically and telekinetically subdues Psycho-Man.

Having returned to San Francisco, Domino and Copycat make amends, then the latter and Kane leave for parts unknown. Meanwhile, at the Xavier Institute, an unattended communication panel receives a distress call for Cable from Moira MacTaggert in Scotland.

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