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On a mission to rescue Copycat from the Psycho-Man, Cable, Domino and Garrison Kane enter the Microverse via the sub-space vessel Endeavor. They are attacked by Psycho-Man's drone ships, which are repelled by the Micronauts (Commander Rann, Mari and Bug) who have just beamed aboard. Despite an altercation between Kane and Bug, they agree to join forces. Meanwhile, in San Francisco, G. W. Bridge investigates the ruins of Kane and Copycat's home, but is called back to S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters.

In the Microverse, with Copycat mimicking the form of Kane, Psycho-Man makes a futile attempt to extract the secret of Kane's bionic technology from her body, hoping to augment his Dog-Soldiers. Copycat reverts to herself, and Psycho-Man realizes he can use her as bait.

Nearby, Cable's group approaches Psycho-Man's lair and are attacked by Dog-Soldiers. Cable succumbs to Psycho-Man's mental attack, and as Kane breaches the fortress, he is subjected to the villain's hate beam, an emotion directed at Cable.

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