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Cable and Kane are trapped in a time machine below water and spend most the time talking about their pasts. G. W. searches through Cable's safe house for info. Sinsear is in search of Deadpool. Cable returns to his safe house and G. W. tells Cable he knows were X-Force is.


Having just arrived back in the present, Cable and Garrison find themselves in a very dark Time Displacement chamber. Kane clears up that Cable's base of Graymalkin allowed him to travel anywhere - so what happened this time? Cable doesn't know but tells Kane to settle down so that he can get things sorted out. Kane then rambles about his past; how he joined the military life at age 13 and hasn't much to show for his life. Cable tells Kane that he's found something better than a way out: beer. The two settle down with their drinks and Kane figures that now is a great time to get some answers.

In the Swiss Alps, a man skis towards a house. As he draws closer he trips an alarm. Defenses are raised and the man is shot at while he continues his course towards the house. The defenses ramp up and the man turns on some jets on his skis and launches himself into the home. The defenses immediately cease when the man is recognized by the systems. The home belongs to Cable; the systems are run by the Professor; the man is G.W. Bridge. As a former friend, Bridge is welcomed by the Professor.

In Sarajevo, a lone man named Weasel walks through the war-torn streets while singing his own rendition of a Sinatra song. He is shot at upon entering his safehouse. It's only a warning shot, as Sinsear is there looking for information about Deadpool. Weasel relates that Deadpool hasn't been around for a while since leaving to find his old girlfriend, Copycat. Weasel then starts rambling about how profitable the civil war has been in Sarajevo and Sinsear has to shut him up. Sinsear explains that he needs Deadpool because he is closely associated with someone called "the Other."

Back under the ocean, Cable tells Kane that he's drinking too fast. Kane explains that tight places now get under his skin after being stuck under so much rubble, no thanks to Cable. Changing the subject, Kane asks Cable why he never knew that Stryfe was his twin brother. Cable explains that he's learned that Stryfe is/was not his twin. They are more like odd mirror images of each other. Cable, however, has limited telekinetic abilities while Stryfe could wreak all kinds of havoc with his abilities. Cable believes that Stryfe is the original and that Cable is some kinds of washed-down version, a clone. He figures Stryfe came back in time to kill the parents that somehow end up being Cyclops and Jean Grey. Cable assures Kane that this mission will succeed because he's going to exact whatever revenge Stryfe wanted to exact.

In Cable's chalet in Switzerland, Bridge tries to get a few things straight. Being near Graymalkin when it exploded he thought that Cable's computer system was completely destroyed. The Professor explains that it had merely created as situation in which it would appear that Graymalkin had been destroyed when it had really jettisoned off a few parts and recloaked itself. Bridge then can't believe that after all Cable had put the old Six Pack team through that Bridge was now hanging out with the fabled Professor - a computer system that has made one incredible pot of coffee, at that. Sad, Bridge laments, that this meeting had to occur after Cable's death. Professor then refutes this notion and states that Bridge hangs out for just a little bit longer he may find out the real ending to the fight between Cable and Stryfe.

Back in Sarajevo, Sinsear scans the landscape for any sign of Deadpool. He runs into a band of mercenaries doing the same thing. One of the men asks if Sinsear is also looking to get into the Tolliver Will. Having enough of these men, Sinsear very efficiently kills them with a parabolic slicing blade (a flying razor disc). One man is allowed to live. Having mentioned Tolliver, "the Other," Sinsear asks this man for information.

Underwater, Kane asks how Cable is able to keep going after losing so much in his life. The answer is that if Cable gives up then nothing would have mattered. All the lives lost would have been for nothing. As long as Cable fights, "they" don't win. He then tells Kane to get ready. Cable has had the bunker tapped in to his personal power supply. With the teleporter now ready, Cable and Kane ready themselves for an arrival at the Swiss safehouse. Upon arriving they get the odd surprise of seeing Bridge waiting for them. Cable threatens to kill Bridge then and there but Bridge states that he knows where X-Force is located.

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