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“TWO MUTANTS AND A BABY” DOUBLE-SIZED FINAL ISSUE CO-STARRING DEADPOOL! You know, before that red-headed would-be messiah/destroyer of the world showed up, Cable had another partner. That’s right: Wade Wilson -- a.k.a. Deadpool! And while everybody’s excited about Cable bringing Hope back to the present to rejoin the X-Men, they’re forgetting the most important part of the story: The beginning, back when Cable first lifted the helpless baby out of her incubator up in Alaska. Wait -- You don’t think Cable did that alone, did you? You don’t think he managed to make his way across hundreds of miles, avoiding Predator X and Purifiers without a little assist, do you? Hell no. Cable asked for help from his favorite Merc with a Mouth and now, finally, this action-packed, oversized story can be told. Before there can be an end, there must be a beginning

Cable hired Deadpool to help escort the baby to the future. So Cable and Deadpool fought the Purifiers and other mutants who all wanted the baby. After that Cable and Deadpool retreated to the mountains with the baby until Predator X came after them. Deadpool tried to take him out but Predator X ate Deadpool. Cable ran away from the monster until Predator X spit Deadpool out. Deadpool then told Cable to run and then he pressed a button that set off a bomb that Deadpool put in Predator X's stomach. So Predator X died but right after that a sentinel came to destroy all mutants in the area. Cable took cover and dodging the sentinel attacks. Deadpool then distracted the sentinel by wearing a suit made out of the body parts of Predator X. The sentinel then ran after Deadpool until the sentinel fell into a hole. The fall destroyed the sentinel but not Deadpool because he was holding onto a rope. Deadpool didn't want to leave but Cable said it's the only way. "

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