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This is it. The conclusion of the time-hopping action thriller launched in the pages of "Messiah CompleX." After hopping around New York City in the past and near future, Cable and Hope are closer than ever to the present...which means that Bishop is more desperate than ever to stop them. No more hiding. No more plots. No more weapons. It's coming down to mutant vs. mutant in the subterranean tunnels of New York, and only one of them will make it back to Westchester alive. You will not want to miss this issue, which leads directly into the X-MEN: SECOND COMING crossover.

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One shot 0

I've stuck with Cable right through since before messiah complex, patiently waiting for something to happen. This issue wasn't it. The whole series has been pretty much a let down, 'Cable & Hope getting chased through time by Bishop" now that sounds good but in practice it wasn't. It ended up being very repetitive and not much happened. This issue though was a marked improvement, some good action and the end scenes where you see the fruits of the realtionship Cable & Hope have built was ...

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Home Sweet X-Mansion. 0

After time porting in to the distant future and then jumping to the not so distance past. Hope and Cable kept getting closer and closer to the present time.  Not far behind them is Bishop, who says that Hope is the one responsible for his catastrophic future.  The story starts in the early 1930s and the duo arrives in what seems is going to be a drive by. Gangsters and their drives-by, Ay dios mio. LOL. Well guns are shot, Hope blows up her second car, and Cable takes them  in another time jump....

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