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A new ongoing series spinning out of the decade’s biggest X-Men event! The future of mutantkind continues here!

There’s only one thing worse than a heavily-armed man with murder on the brain. And that’s several heavily-armed men, none of whom give a damn about Cable’s mission to save mutantkind from total extinction.

Meanwhile, Cable’s newest enemy—Lucas Bishop—crawls back from bloody oblivion and tracks down his quarry the hard way: one brutal time jump after another. When Bishop finally catches up wit Cable, he’s not going to be in the mood for small talk. It’ll be kill first, ask questions later.

Cable tries keeping conscious as Bishop stands over him. The baby hasn't been hit but he got shot in the arm. Bishop descends on them with his gun drawn and Cable kicks him back. Bishops new arm sprouts some tentacles that wrap themselves around Cable's neck. Bishop tells him it's over but Cable pulls out his knife and thrusts it into Bishop's side.

Before things can go further, the local men arrive holding guns at them. They question Bishop's announcement of being a cop since there hasn't been any stupid enough to go there in years. Bishop tells them that this isn't any of their concern and they'll be gone in sixty seconds. Cable decides to use them as a distraction.

A flashback is shown on how Bishop arrived. After his arm was torn off by Predator X, he woke to find an unconscious but flaming Sunfire lying nearby. Bishop presses his bleeding shoulder up against Sunfire to caughterize his wound. He grabs a gun from a knocked out Scalphunter and tries to shoot Cable as he disappears and hits Xavier instead. After he was knocked away, he made his way back to Forge's place in Texas. Forge has some cybernetics that Bishop is able to attach and uses his time machine technology to search for Nathan. He travels to different times: 2019, 2024, 2037, in search of any sign of Cable and the baby. In 2043, he finds an empty milk can and figures it's too much of a coincidence. Talking to a boatman, Bishop finds out that a month ago, a man and baby traveled across the sea. Bishop uses the tech to find out exactly when Cable arrives at the diner and goes back the day before.

The men have their weapons trained on Bishop over their dislike of officers. As Bishop pushes them back with his power, Cable tries to weakly make his escape. Hiding and weak, Cable figures he should time-jump out of there. If he does, he won't know how Bishop found them. He doesn't even know if Bishop is working alone. Cable figures he'll time-jump back a day to try to get information. To his shock, he discovers his time mechanism got broke during the fight. Bishop launches a semi towards Cable's hiding spot...

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Okay I DO like Cable and I DO think this series will be very important to the history of all mutants. However, I have one problem against this series so far and it's simply that time-traveling is such a major part of he story. Seriously can't they ease up on it a little?Well going I'm not his series I knew there was SOME time- traveling but not this much. If you like this kinda thing and you're a fan of series like Booster Gold and whatnot, then pick it up but if you want a real good story an...

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