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In the future, Cable and the Clan Chosen infiltrate the Tinex at Niagara Falls. Tensions arise when Boak is sacrificed, but Cable and Garrison Kane travel back to the past. Sinsear has also traveled back in time to eliminate the chance of the Clan Chosen ever rising, as well as eliminating a former time-traveler gone rogue, Tolliver.


A sewage transporter arrives at the New Canaanites facility at the Niagara Falls, the hidden location of the latest Tinex time travel device. Guards step out to greet it upon landing when some canisters roll out and incapacitate most of them. The Clan Chosen, lead by Cable, steps from the craft and quickly take out any other guards. Boak and Eleven break into the building through its computer system. The team walks in to the disdain of Hope - she'd have rather the team blow up the entire operation instead of risking their lives openly assaulting the complex. Hope's fears are confirmed when the team runs into a squad of Flatliners.

In a meeting of the Canaanite Commission of Strategic Maneuvers, various government agents discuss with General Haight the danger of the Clan Chosen destroying the Tinex. General Haight is very optimistic, however, and scoffs at their doubt. The Clan Chosen, he assures them, will not destroy the Tinex because they have Garrison Kane with them and he will want to use the Tinex to get back to his own time. If, perchance, the Clan Chosen isn't stopped by the Flatliners and the Tinex is destroyed then their plans go ahead as scheduled, as Sinsear will be used as planned. It is intimated that Sinsear may have already gone back in time to begin the events that will ensure the rise of Apocalypse.

Outgunned, the Clan Chosen opts to use Boak as a shield against any gunfire. The Flatliners begins to overload the field and Cable instructs Eleven to emit an empulse shock that should disable any machinery around them. It's dangerous, as it disables their own weaponry. Once Boak lets the field down the Clan Chosen sees that the Flatliners were merely stunned - they are still completely operational. With limited options, the team runs. Cable calls on Boak to release an energy blast that will most likely take Boak out of the fight. Hope protests but Boak does it and obliterates the Flatliners. He is reduced to a heap of scrap metal. Cable leaves Dawnsilk and Tetherblood to watch for reinforcements while he, Kane, and Hope accompany Eleven into the Tinex control room. Hope informs Cable that destroying the place is all too easy. She also mentions that the Tinex has been recently used.

In Austria, 1993, a man knocks on the door at home of Tolliver, the dangerous arms dealer that disappeared some weeks prior. A man answers the door and informs the man that Tolliver has been dead. The stranger, Sinsear, pulls out a blade and stabs the man to death. He walks into the house and says that Tolliver is alive.

Back in the future, Hope begins to scan the various timelines so as to send Kane back before destroying the facility. She has difficulty because there are so many different variations. Cable thinks that Graymalkin should have a signal to latch on to and can't figure why it wouldn't be responding. Hope continues looking. Cable goes back out to Tetherblood and Dawnsilk and lets them know that he'll be accompanying Kane back to the past. Tetherblood doesn't understand why; Cannonball has supposedly ascended to be an immortal, what other job could Cable have? He explains that someone else had gone back in time and he must go back and stop any tampering. Cable then confirms with Kane that they'll traveling together. Their affairs set, they make the jump once Hope has found the right time node. Once the two are gone, Hope plants an explosive and the Clan Chosen escapes by bodysliding to the sewage vehicle. The fly away and the Tinex explodes.

In the present, Cable and Kane land in Graymalkin's time core. Cable finds it odd that the base is online. He doesn't yet know that the base is in space, but this time core is at the bottom of the ocean.

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